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 Post subject: Re: 2021 lose/ go home
 Post Posted: Wed Mar 10, 2021 6:58 pm 

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I don't know how many years Earl has left(edit in his contract). Its at least 2.

We have mentioned that Earl hasnt done much in the last 5 years.
Its splitting hairs, but I disagree there. I will admit the last 2 years have been bad.
1 NCAA visit
1 NIT visit
2 players drafted by the NBA.

Lest we forget we went 20 years without an NCAA visit between year one in the SOCON and Earl.
In the grand scheme of CofC basketball this is a successful stretch
All while running a clean program. Which I place significant value in.

 Post subject: Re: 2021 lose/ go home
 Post Posted: Sat Mar 20, 2021 3:43 pm 
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A handful of CoFc fans 3 weeks ago: CEG is terrible. We need to get rid of him. The program is headed in the wrong direction. We can do much better. With a good coach, we'll be in the tournament every year.

Those same fans now: This is a dumpster fire. We're doomed. We're losing all our players and recruits. This is going to be a total rebuild. How could this happen?

 Post subject: Re: 2021 lose/ go home
 Post Posted: Sat Mar 20, 2021 4:50 pm 

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That’s the problem now, players are so wedded to somebody’s coach now over a program, even at a school like College of Charleston. When the coach leaves, their affinity is immediately gone.

You see what happened with Brevin and Zep. Committed when they were in HS to Earl’s program when we just had a 9 win season with pretty much nobody except Wojcik recruited players. They were the pillars of the program.

Both watched as the Wojcik guys won the CAA in 2018, then watched Riller and Brantley do well for a year, then Riller’s senior year where he basically was the focus, then they were given the keys. Zep did a really good job. Who knows how this season would have turned out if Brevin hadn’t gotten hurt.

Brevin only got 3 games as the “cornerstone” guy before the ACL injury. He wants a chance to prove it somewhere else as a grad senior. Zep got to Auburn, a definite promotion, while Brevin is still a ?.

Most short-term fans don’t realize how bad of a position it was in 2014 when we hired Earl. Turned down by like 5 different guys, in September, for a program that had like 1,000 season tickets remaining. I remember games in the student section where not a single other person showed up.

There were games this year with limited attendance that had more fans than some 2013-14 games with the full stands opened up. The first year, 9-24 but 13 of the losses were by less than 10, and 9 of those by 6 or less! Then 17-14 in year 2 in a league with 4 top 100 KenPom teams. 8-10 in the league could have easily been 13-5.

In three seasons CEG had us in the top 100 in KenPom, playing for a CAA championship. In any other year it would have likely been a NCAA berth, but we were playing a historically good UNCW team in the finals who beat us. Even then we still got a 5 seed in the NIT.

Then 2018 with the NCAA berth, and 24 wins two seasons ago, but no postseason at all. The last two seasons haven’t been as good, but Earl Grant left CofC an unquestionably better place than he found it.

 Post subject: Re: 2021 lose/ go home
 Post Posted: Sat Mar 20, 2021 7:05 pm 

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I dunno guys... it’s not like Earl grant is the only guys who can coach basketball. And it’s really easy to put him on a pedestal when comparing him to Woj.

I posit that CofC’s institutional incompetence was way worse than most are remembering. Tom Herrion and Woj are 2 of the worst coaches in modern college basketball history. Herrion has been a head coach for 8 years and has never had a team win more game than the year before. Literally every single team he has coached has gotten progressively worse. I’m not sure there’s another coach who can match that ignominious accomplishment. He’s now about to get fired as an assistant for being an a&*Hole.

Woj was at Tulsa for 7 years and never made it to a NCAA tourney. Since 1980, every single Tulsa coach has made it to at least 1 tourney if they coached there for more than 2 years. He got fired not just because his teams weren’t that good, but that they were so hard to watch people didn’t bother to show up. He hasn’t sniffed a sideline since being fired here, save for joining an ECU staff that everyone knew was about to get blown out.

Fast forward to the hiring of Earl. CofC was down to 3 finalists - Earl, mike Young and Anthony Johnson. And they chose Anthony Johnson! (Which pissed Mike Young off enough for him to pull his name from consideration once the unpleasant bits of Anthony’s past came up).

This is a long way of saying elite easy for Earl to look good relative to two of the worst coaches we could have possibly hired. But the only other coach we’ve had post Kresse was just as good if not better. And he hadn’t coached a game in 14 years!

This is a good job and we are going to get a good coach. The hyperventilating about Earl leaving along with a bunch of the players, it a bit much.

 Post subject: Re: 2021 lose/ go home
 Post Posted: Sat Mar 20, 2021 8:13 pm 

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I agree with the Coug-Mon & his maroon-color glasses view. Just wonder if we keep Copeland, Houston & Harvey; wonder if we'll end up with transfers. Anyone heard if Willis might stay?

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